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Rolex White Dial Watches Guide

As you may recall, the number 216570 is powered by the caliber 3187, marking the first time that the Explorer II has received its own unique movement, previously all shared with the GMT-Master II collection. It is also the first Polar Explorer II to increase its case size, from 40 to 42 mm — a move designed to broaden its appeal to a more modern audience.
The Reference 216570 has a place on our list for many reasons, besides being as bright as freshly fallen snow and its proper «polar» nickname. It is one of the eternal underdogs of the Rolex line that is only now starting to really attract widespread attention. While its more famous tool watches have become less and less tool-like over time, many with gold or platinum cases, the Explorer II remains the quintessential Rolex tool watch. The bulletproof stainless steel case, with not even a hint of Cerachrom to be found (not to mention gemstones), is what has made the brand so special in the past, and is the reason the model has gained a steadily growing cult following.
To be sure, the Polar Explorer II is the most iconic white dial Rolex watch you can buy — and they’re still available at a surprisingly low price (at least for now). The truth is that there is no «wrong» way to wear a Rolex. The best way to wear a Rolex watch is the way you feel comfortable wearing it and this will vary from person to person depending on personal style and preference. However, there are a few key points to keep in mind when styling your copy Rolex to ensure it is appropriate for every occasion and will work with the rest of your closet.
You don’t need us to tell you that gold is more decent than stainless steel. However, when it comes to pairing your watch with the occasion, the overall style of the watch is a huge indicator of what is appropriate. If you’re going to a party, reach for a white or yellow gold Rolex Cellini with a simple and sophisticated dial, not a sports watch. Not that your dive watch won’t go with a suit, but why not choose a model that slips effortlessly under a formal shirt sleeve from start to finish.

It is often said that the versatility of a white dial Rolex is second to none. When paired with a Professional Series watch, the white dial has a sporty and modern feel. At the same time, a formal watch with a white dial offers a timeless tradition based on a classic aesthetic. Whatever your preference, a Rolex watch with a white dial is perfect for any season and any occasion. As winter approaches, we’ve compiled a short list of our favorite Rolex white dial models that will fit the season wherever you are.
When it comes to «white dial Rolex,» most people think of the Explorer II. In the second iteration of the model, introduced through the transitional model 16550 in the mid-1980s, the 16550, with its white — aka polar — dial has been a long time cult favorite, though it has become very popular in recent years. No other watch in the Rolex catalog has luminous hour markers and Mercedes hands like it, with a black surround to distinguish it from the matching white face. The dial is always highly legible, day or night.
The Explorer II is available with only two dial options, black or white. The black piece is understatedly stealthy, with its phantom hands and small pop of color. The polar white version is bright and vibrant — not too flashy but not boring either. New for 2022, Rolex has just released a redesigned version of the Explorer II, model 226570, with the same case size and dial color options, but with a new and improved 3285 caliber with slightly updated proportions.
If you want to dress up a simple but sharp collared shirt and pants for date night, then wear that two-tone watch. It has just enough luxury to feel like a statement piece rather than an all-gold one. For a Sunday night football party with the imitation Rolex Daytona, a stainless steel replica watch, or even something with a fun colored bezel would be the perfect match. You can even change the strap of the watch to the color of your favorite sports team — it may not be an everyday look, but it will certainly look great at your next tailgate party.
If you have a brown leather strap, just be careful not to match it with black leather shoes — the leather of your strap should match the color of the leather of your belt and shoes. You don’t need to go crazy trying to match the exact shade of leather, but in general, black leather straps look best when paired with black leather shoes, as do brown leather straps with brown leather shoes.
Also, if you’re wearing a colored bezel or face, don’t feel like you need to match it exactly to your tie or shirt. Your watch can add a splash of color where the rest of your outfit lacks it, or it’s okay to pair a green face with a blue shirt. You want everything to be coherent and consistent, but you also don’t want things to be too match or feel contrived.
At this point, your watch should be the finishing touch that ties your entire look together. While you’re proud of your watch, it shouldn’t be the main focal point — you should be. Your Rolex should echo you and your style, enhancing your outfit rather than completely overpowering it.